Trust Us for Excellent and Accurate Aircraft Appraisals



The value of an aircraft is determined by a number factors; the most important of which is “condition”, and further, condition relative to its peers in the marketplace. Extensive experience in all facets of the industry qualifies KAIRVALS to provide a high degree of accuracy when determining where the value of your aircraft measures relative to others in the market.

KAIRVALS’ process includes the creation of a formal proposal that provides a contract describing all deliverables, timing, and fee schedule. The most common deliverable sought is market value either retrospective or current. Our experience includes determination of other values such as orderly liquidation and diminution.

Once the agreement is signed,

We recommend a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft and its records. Some clients for reasons of convenience and/or expediency request a “desktop” appraisal and through the use of specific information provided by client coupled with a study of the market, an estimated value can be placed on the aircraft.

For all appraisals,

KAIRVALS utilizes an 11-page inspection form that covers all aspects of an aircraft’s condition and history.
Our reports are presented in an easy-to-read and understand narrative format with comparative tables and photos. The use of extraordinary assumptions, though sometimes necessary, are avoided as much as possible.

The following rates cover records and aircraft inspections in lieu of the USPAP compliant delivery of an appraisal report.

Piston and Turbo-prop

(Retail Transactions): $3,000

(Litigation): $4,000


(Retail Transactions): $2,500

(Litigation): $3,500

Business Jets  

(Retail Transactions): $4,000

(Litigation): $5,000

Part 121 Commercial Aircraft


Expert Testimony

$350.00/ hour with a two hour per day minimum for deposition and court room (witness) appearance.

Operations and Maintenance Analysis\ Best Fit Analysis

On site: $5,000​​